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Imagine you are steeped in lyrics so pure and straight from the heart that you feel that you do not just exist but you are only a surreal stream floating in the universe. Have you ever felt this way? Well, I have especially listening to music that is my favorite genre and that is indeed jazz.

A lot of people may argue that jazz is for special kind of people. There is never a hall packed with people who will all love jazz. I beg to differ. Jazz, my friend is for everybody; every single person in the packed hall. When a person says that he does not enjoy jazz then he is probably not in the right spirit on that day. And it can be as much a coincidence as with other genres of music.

Jazz has a universal appeal:

The music is meant for any occasion. Be it a betrothal, marriage solemnizing, reception even funeral service, it is for every occasion. Jazz can be also be used for formal settings like in office meetings and in ballrooms. There is no limit to the use of a jazz ensemble and the music they can make can be heavenly.


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